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Máy năng lượng mặt trời
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Máy nước nóng Bơm nhiệt & Điện
Bình nước nóng ARISTON Bình nước nóng ARISTON
Máy nước nóng CENTON Máy nước nóng CENTON
Bình nước nóng điện RHEEM Bình nước nóng điện RHEEM
Bình nước nóng THERMOR Bình nước nóng THERMOR
Bình nước nóng EVERHOT Bình nước nóng EVERHOT
Bình nước sôi  RHEEM LAZER Bình nước sôi RHEEM LAZER
Heat Pump Thermor Aeromax Heat Pump Thermor Aeromax
Heat Pump RHEEM Heat Pump RHEEM
Heat Pump ACCENT Heat Pump ACCENT
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Máy nước nóng điện RHEEM
Máy nước nóng điện RHEEM nhãn hiệu nổi tiếng của Australia. Dòng sản phẩm cao cấp dùng cho dân dụng và công nghiệp.
Máy nước nóng NLMT RHEEM

RHEEM nhãn hiệu máy NLMT dạng tấm thu nhiệt nổi tiếng của  Australia. RHEEM có 2 dòng sản phẩm Hiline  & Loline , bình chứa  và tấm thu nhiệt  có thể tách rời(hệ Loline)  bảo hành máy 5 năm.
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Kỹ thuật nước nóng năng lượng mặt trời

The principles of solar water heating are very simple!  Solar Water Heating uses solar collectors to capture the sun's radiant energy and converts it in to thermal heat.  The solar heat is then either transfered to usable energy or stored in a heat sink such as a large water tank or concrete slab and released as needed.   There are many types of solar thermal systems but the most advanced and efficient system is a closed loop pressurized system.  This type of system allows the suns energy to be stored and released upon demand using sophisticated controllers and pumps that allows home owner the comfort and control with virtually zero energy costs.

 BE WARNED!  Modern day solar collectors produce significant amounts of heat energy and advanced high temperature solar system should be properly engineered.  Northern Lights Solar Solutions provides solar heating equipments that is proven successful through out the world.  Caution should be used with "Home Made" Solar systems as they can lead to serious damage especially if using high efficiency vacuum tube collectors.  Our systems are engineer with to provide maximum performance with SAFETY 1st. hot water systems

Most solar water-heating system have three main parts: (1) a solar collector and (2) a solar storage tank or a pool/tub (3) Plumbing and Solar Control System. Until recently the most common collector used in solar hot water systems was the flat panel collector. However with the advance in technology, solar vacuum tube technology is rapidly becoming the method of choice as its energy output is much higher and takes up less space per square foot. Mass production of solar tubes has driven the cost down to allow widespread use of vacuum tubes.

Solar water heaters use the sun to heat either water or a heat-transfer fluid in the collector. Heated water is then held in the storage tank ready for use or directly circulated in an open mass such as pool or hot tub.  The tank can be as simple as a modified standard water heater, but more specific solar water tanks are also available.  Most solar water tanks will also feature a back up electric element built into the unit.

One of the most overlooked aspect of a solar system is the Plumbing and Control System.  This includes all items required to make the system function optimally and safely.  Items such as temperature controllers, pumps, expansion vessels, pressure safety valves, fill and drain spouts solar water controllerare all part of a properly installed solar system.  Northern Lights supplies the unique SDSTM  (Solar Distribution System).  This system is the core of any of our solar systems, whether heating your house or a hot water tank, the SDSTM is an important component.  The Solar Distribution System is a self contained pre-plumbed system that contains everything needed for a complete solar system.  The SDS simply attached to the hot and cold fittings at the collectors and attaches to the hot and cold fittings on you water tank or from the heat exchanger.   All specialty components are included and you simply plug the SDSTM to a 110 VAC power outlet.

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